Adam Fleishman


I am a commercial photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. Most of the time I'm photographing people, but I'm always on the lookout for insects, reptiles and spiders!  My strong preference is for shooting in natural light, although I do a fair bit of studio work - including product photography.


I've had a thing for moths my whole life.  Saturniid moths in particular, and most especially The Comet Moth from Madagascar.  As a kid, I used to dream about seeing one alive.  Since then, I've had the opportunity to see them up close several times and it is always a thrill.  I chose the name Cometmoth for myself, and it stuck.  (The photo below is of a newly emerged male.) 

The Comet Moth, Argema mittrei - Madagascar.

The Comet Moth, Argema mittrei - Madagascar.

When I'm not holding a camera...

You can probably find me playing a synthesizer or electric bass, playing softball, gardening or writing a future Oscar-winning screenplay!  

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