What people say about working with Cometmoth...

Adam is awesome, period.  Besides how great his work is, he really knows how to have a good time on a shoot and is very respectful. He has a fantastic sense of knowing how to photograph models based on talking to them and getting to know them prior to the shoot.  He captures them for who they are and not who he wants them to be.  He always creates a beautiful image no matter what type of personality - every subject is different.  I feel completely comfortable every time I shoot with him and that's important for a model.  You can tell something about a photographer by his/her photographs and the way they shoot their subjects which is also crucial for any model.  Adam has been amazing to shoot with and I don't feel I'm the only one who thinks so.  Those who meet Adam...love Adam.   - Vera Moore, Model


When I first met Adam I was pleasantly surprised by his kind nature and professional vision. Adam is an artistic and charismatic man who really understands people and how to access the best of them through his camera. During our sessions he was able to capture not just the beauty of the picture but a glimpse into my soul and character, something that is very hard to catch. I hold extremely high regard for Adam and his photography.  He is the epitome of an artistic, professional and classic photographer.  - L Armbrust, Model


Adam is a man of the arts and I feel lucky to have had the privilege of shooting with him. Not only is he brilliant, but also professional. Out of the many photographers I have shot with, I feel most comfortable with Adam. Each shoot, he never fails to stun me with his inconceivable vision and talent. Working with Adam allowed me to push boundaries as a model and brought my portfolio to the next level. 
- Maria / VISION Los Angeles


I always enjoy working with Adam. First of all, I know that I am going to get some amazing photos thanks to Adam's incredible talents with natural lighting and a camera.  Adam is fun to be around and the conversation is always unique and interesting.  Not only is Adam an amazing photographer and wonderful person, he is also very professional and can make anyone feel comfortable in front of a camera. 
- Kate Black, Model


After months of working with local photographers, I contacted Adam. Little did I know this would be the start of one of the best relationships I've ever had with another person. Adam is not only one of the most talented, smart, and hard-working people I know, he is also one of the most genuine, trustworthy, and easy going. Over the course of our professional relationship, I have also gained a friend who I have learned so much from. The time and effort he spends is readily apparent in his beautiful work. Adam Fleishman is one of the best people I have met and, in my opinion, the best photographer/writer in Tucson, Arizona.  
- Alex Ha, Model / Actor / Stylist

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